Allen Kelly | Teaching Professional

Allen Kelly is a New Zealand-born Golfing Professional who has been coaching golf in Singapore since 2002. A full member of the Singapore Professional Golf Association (SPGA), as well as, a qualified club fitter and golf fitness trainer, Allen has what it takes to help one takes his game to the next level.

To date, Allen has competed and coached in many countries including New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Ireland, India, Thailand, Cambodia and now, Singapore.

Contact Allen at
+65 9118 2894

Scott Barr | Touring Professional

Scott Barr is the Touring Golf Professional for Laguna National Golf and Country Club.

A professional golfer for over 20 years, Scott has been a member of the Asian Tour, Australian Tour, European Tour and the Japanese Golf Tour. Apart from an impressive playing resume, Scott conducts golf lessons and is available by appointment only through direct contact.

Shinji Fukushima | Teaching Professional

Shinji Fukushima is a member of Japan Golf Tour Organisation, as well as Singapore Professional Golf Association. His golfing methodology can be described in 3 words – simple, easy and natural.

A firm believer in by following the basics, Shinji is a golfing enthusiast who will not hesitate to assist in nurturing one’s love in the game of golf at any time.

Contact Shinji at
+65 90687104

Zaw Moe | Touring Professional

Zaw Moe is one of Myanmar’s finest golf exports. After playing for his country in the Putra Cup during his amateur days and winning the Burma Amateur Open title twice (1987-88), he turned professional and made a name for himself in Asia.

Between 1992 and 1997, Zaw Moe won 3 TDC Tour of Malaysia (1992), Singapore PGA Championship (1993) and SingTel Ericsson Singapore Open (1997) on the Asian Tour. In the late 1990s, Zaw Moe also played regularly on the Japan Golf Tour.