‘Play with a Pro’

‘Play with a Pro’ is an exciting initiative limited exclusively to Members of Laguna National.


  • Yeany Tan, Thursday, August 2 (MastersCourse, 09:05)
  • Mark Bates, Sunday, August 5 (Classic Course, 08:01)
  • Alan Kelly, Monday, August 6 (Masters Course, 07:44)

As a Member of Laguna National, you can enjoy playing privileges with our resident professionals. In the process, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights on how a pro golfer attacks the courses that you play on a daily basis.

Every month, we have various tee-times available with our resident professionals. As a Member, you can sign up to participate – and all at no charge.

Laguna National’s resident professionals are:

  • Mark Bates, Director of Golf Operations (PGA of Canada)
  • Yeany Tan, Manager of Golf Operations and Member Services (US LPGA)
  • Allen Kelly, Teaching Professional (NZ PGA and Singapore PGA)
  • Shinji Fukushima, Teaching Professional (Singapore PGA)
  • Scott Barr, Touring Professional
  • Zaw Moe, Touring Professional

1. A Member may only sign up for one session per month and may only book with each professional once a year.
2. Please sign up at the Customer Service Desk.
3. Reservations are made on a first-come-first-serve basis