Chinese Brush Painting

Chinese Brush Painting with Yap Sin Guan
A full-time artist based in Singapore with over 40 years of experience teaching Chinese Brush Painting, Yap Sin Guan has taught students from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds at the Tanglin Club, the British Club, the American Club and the Raffles Town Club.

Gain mastery over an unforgettable set of new skills and learn traditional mediums and techniques including controlling and manipulating ink, colours and water on rice paper using fine-tipped wolf hair brushes. Through careful instruction, find your niche and explore different subjects, from simpler flower-and-bird paintings and progressing to larger landscape paintings as you attain higher proficiency levels. Express your individuality, tap into your creativity and harness your hidden talent merging Chinese art styles with other artistic disciplines and cultivate a new voice and appreciation of the pleasures of life and the world.
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Members are only allowed to invite 1 guest to join in. Other requests will be subjected to the Management's approval.

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