• Sundowner's Happy Hour

    Join us for a night of revelry with Sundowner’s Happy Hour from 8 October, Mondays to Fridays, 5pm – 8pm.

    Gather your fellow companions for an evening of chill and booze!

  • Truly Lamb

    Member: 28.80 | Standard: $30.80

    Collection of lamb rack baked with pistacho nuts and braised lamb shoulder with red wine glaze.
    Available from April 15 - 21

  • Som Tum Gai Tod Grà-tiam

    Member $22.80| Standard $24.80

    Crispy fried garlic chicken served with Thai Bok Bok
    papaya salad, sticky rice in bamboo basket and Thai
    chili sauce. Served with a bottle of Heineken 0.0
    alcohol-free beer.

    Available in April

  • Mother’s Day Lobster Set Meal

    Member $32.80 | Standard $34.80

    • Braised bee hoon with half lobster, mushroom,
    sliced ginger and springonions.
    • Crispy egg noodle with half lobster, mushroom,
    chye sim and carrots in oyster sauce.
    Set inclusive of homemade drink of the day and
    homemade mini Tiramisu.

    Available in May

  • Father’s Day Set Meal

    Member $26.80 | Standard $28.80

    • Eight treasures duck leg.
    • Braised duck leg stuffed with chestnut, lotus
    seed, trio of mushrooms, carrots.
    • Bamboo shoots and broccoli in superior oyster
    sauce served with steamed rice.

    Available from June 15 - 30

  • Hari Raya Special Set Meal

    Member $19.80| Standard $21.80

    • Nasi goreng kampung istimewa.
    • Spicy fried rice served with fried chicken,
    fried egg, papadam and archa.
    • Soup: Soto ayam.
    • Shredded chicken served with chicken broth,
    Chinese celery.
    • Homemade fizzy Bandung.

    Available from June 1 - 14