Acrylic Pouring for Kids

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Let your child get in touch with their creative side at our Acrylic Pouring for Kids Funshop. Through step-by-step guidance with the instructor, your child will get to create paintings using acrylic pour techniques in colours that they love. Pouring with a specially concocted liquid paint mixture, your child will be awed at how the paint moves and morphs on the canvas to create wondrous patterns. This is an easy-to-follow workshop that promises immense fun. 
Suitable for children aged 6 and above. No prior art experience required. Any accompanying parent will need to reserve a seat as well.
Bring Home a 25x30cm hand-made stretched canvas!
Date: July 10, 1.30pm - 3.00pm
Price: Members ($99) Guests & Weekday Membership ($109)
Instructor: Ms Cindy, Artist and Founder of Room to Imagine
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To sign up -> Email: stella.ng@lagunanational.com