Candle Making Funshop

Limited Slots!

Have you ever wondered why when you smell a certain fragrance that you suddenly find yourself remembering something connected with that scent?.
It could be you are transported to a beauitiful holiday destination or straight to the warm comfort of a friend or relative or wonderful festive events.,
Let us take you on this fragrance  journey and understand the science behind it. Tap into your creative side and get a glimpse into the world of candle creation with our Candle Making Workshop. Explore your senses and create your own unique scent to give you an optimal state of mind and recreate lasting fragrance memories. 
Date: April 15, 10am - 11.30am
Price: Members $60, Guests $70 
Instructor: Rona Ghenina, Candle Artisan
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To sign up -> Email : stella.ng@lagunanational.com