Chinese New Year craft for kids!

Red packet lantern Funshop 

As we usher in the majestic new year of the Chinese zodiac-  tiger, it’s always fun to celebrate by creating some chinese new Year crafts ! Let’s make some auspicious decorative lanterns! They’re made with “ang pow” wrappers – small red packets that are traditionally filled with money and presented to children for good luck.
This Funshop starts with the story of the Chinese zodiacs and how the animal lunar calendar came about!  After getting acquainted with an interesting Chinese legend, the kids will then be guided to make their very own Chinese New Year lanterns!
Let’s get cooking!
All ingredients and cooking tools are provided.

Date: January 22, 14:00 - 15:00
Price: Members ($60), Weekday Members ($65), Guests ( $70)
Instructors: Stella Ng, Laguna Lifestyle Program Curator
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To sign up -> Email: stella.ng@lagunanational.com.