Funtastic Pool Ball

Poolball arrives on the sunny shores of Singapore at Laguna National! A combination of pool and football, Pool Ball is a crazy fun sport that allows you to kick footballs into pockets on a giantsized pool table, without the need of a cue stick.
At 7 meters long, it is the biggest pool table and smallest soccer field you will ever play on! Same pool table rules, and the same beautiful game of soccer. Just way more exciting!
Date: June 18, 11:00 - 12:00
Price: Members ($49), Weekday Members ($55), Guests ($55)
InstructorsStella Ng, Laguna Lifestyle Curator & Certified facilitators for Pool Ball, professionally trained facilitators with proprietary ASEA™ Quality Training Management System (ISO 9001 Certified)
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To sign up -> Email: stella.ng@lagunanational.com.