Mixed Media Art Experience

By French Artist - Dgers

About Dgers: 
She has been present in different exhibitions in Singapore; in Visual Art center, SOTA, DECK, ION Gallery, Affordable ARTFAIR, and also had an overseas exhibition in Borobudur Indonesia. She worked on a project of Street Art, in collaboration with the Ministry of retail, the Merchants association of Singapore, and others Artists, to illuminate the community places for residents and open the mind to Art culture.
Her artistic concept is based on the use of recycled green materials and she mixes different techniques, on a surrealist and abstract style.
By our daily consumption, we have at home different materials; paper, carton, plastic, aluminum, tissues, decorative elements.
Her tools and work techniques also involve recycling and imagination.  
With this experience, she wants to offer joy and dynamism as a non- conformist style. Each artwork has a unique history and reflects special feelings.
Be Yourself, Free your mind… with fun.
Date: January 15, 10:30 - 12:00
Price: Members ($180), Weekday Members ($185), Guests ($190)
Instructors: Dgers, French Artist & Painter
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