Thai culinary Funshop - Thai Shrimp Fried Rice & Red Ruby Coconut Dessert


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Fried rice is a very typical Thai street food, called Khao Pad Goong, available at every restaurant that serves stir fried dishes throughout the Thailand.
In this Thai fried rice with shrimp Funshop, you’ll learn how to make a delicious plate of fried rice just like you’d find it in Thailand.
In this Funshop, you’ll also get to make a traditional Thai red Ruby dessert- Tub Tim Krob. The Thai name for red rubies literally means crunchy rubies or crunchy pomegranate seeds. In Thai, “tub tim” can either mean ruby or pomegranate and “krob” means crunchy. Trust me, you want this red rubies dessert in your life. Served with crushed ice, it’s a perfect treat for any hot summer day (which is just about any day in Thailand). Once you know how good it is, you’ll definitely want to make it all the time at home.
Let’s get cooking!
All ingredients and cooking tools are provided.

Date: February 19, 10:30 - 12:30
Price: Members ($89), Weekday Members ($94), Guests ($99)
Instructors: Naree & Nicha , Thai culinary experts
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