Thai Dessert Funshop - Luk Chup

Luk Chup (ลูกชุบ) is a type of Thai dessert derived from marzipan, a recipe from Portugal, called massapão. The Portuguese used almonds as the main ingredient but given the absence of almonds in Thailand, they were replaced by mung beans.
In the past, Luk Chup was made only for the king, royal families and people in the palace. Luk Chup can now be purchased in general dessert shops in Thailand. The shape of luk chup is molded into fruit or vegetable shapes such as a mango, a chili and orange, etc. with colors that matches the color of the foods they represent.
Date: May 21, 10:30 - 12:30
Price: Members ($88), Weekday Members ($60), Guests ($99)
Instructors: Ms Naree Sawong, Authentic Thai cuisine expert
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