Thai Dessert Funshop- Luk Chup

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Luk Chup (ลูกชุบ) is a type of Thai dessert derived from marzipan, a recipe from Portugal, called massapão. The Portuguese used almonds as the main ingredient but given the absence of almonds in Thailand, they were replaced by mung beans.
Learn the different ingredients that makes a luk chup, which include mung beans, coconut milk, sugar, jelly powder, water and food coloring. The food coloring is painted onto the dessert, which is also dipped occasionally in gelatin to provide a shiny appearance.

All materials and ingredients will be provided. 
Date: Sept 25, 1000hrs - 1200hrs
Price: $88 (Members) $99 (Guests and Weekday Memberships) 
Instructor: Ms Naree Sawong, Authentic Thai cuisine expert 
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