Thai Flower Garlands (Phuang Malai) Funshop

SongKran Festival Special
Make Beautiful Garlands!

Thai flower garlands (phuang malai)* origins date back over two hundred years to the reign of King Rama V when flower arranging was a skill practised by ladies of the royal court. Today, decorative garlands are still very much a part of Thailand’s culture and fashion in many different shapes and sizes.
Large necklace shaped garlands are given as a welcome to long-forgotten friends and as a symbol of good luck to a bride and groom. And also presented to high-ranking officialdom at public spectacles as a welcome and thank you for their presence at important events.
In celebration of the Songkran festival, come and learn the art of Phuang Malai from our Thai handicraft expert Naree!
Date: Apr 10, 10am - 12noon
Price: Members $69, Guests $79 
Instructor: Ms Naree, authentic Thai handicraft artisan
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Photo Credit: Jinasin