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From the first book of Lady Plien’s cookbook ‘Mae Krua Hua Pa,’ is a collection of ‘Kreung Wang’ or Thai style tea-time snacks. Among those delicious sounding dishes is ‘Hor Sai Moo’ or pork dumpling. The minced and seasoned pork filling was wrapped in a flour skin hand-kneaded from freshly-milled rice flour and cold water.
But simple dumplings would not do in the exquisite world of Thai royal cuisine. Nature plays key roles in many of our national dishes, and this dumpling is no exception. Instead of having a simple rounded shape like any other dumpling we know, this special dumpling borrows the shape of a cute, fat, well-fed bird, hence the name ‘Bird Dumpling’ or ‘Kanom Cheep Nok.’
Kanom Cheep Nok had been lost and forgotten in the repertoire of Thai cuisine for a while before making a comeback along with the wave of Thai food renaissance in the last 10 year or so. During that time, many old recipes had been revived and perpetuated through practicing and offering on the regular menus.
Usually, in fine-dining premises, Kanom Cheep Nok is made for show along with ‘Chor Muang’ or the purple blossom kind of dumplings. They made a perfect pair on a plate where people now want them to be as tasty as photo-friendly.
Date: Apr 17, 10am - 12noon
Price: Members $79, Guests $89 
Instructor: Ms Naree, authentic Thai handicraft artisan

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