Standard Ballroom Dance

International Ballroom Dancing

The English Waltz 
Elegance, Class and Art in motion. Rise to the occasion and fall in love with the dance!

International Tango is a competitive style, structured and classical form of Tango. Forge friendships through classes while enhancing your posture, balance, confidence and self-expression.

Social Dancing Series

Disco Rock
The Disco Rock is a party dance that involves showy variations and can be danced to disco music or most modern pop songs. It is enjoyed socially and a popular dance at parties.

Rock & Roll
Rock 'n' Roll originated in the 1950's and is a fast tempo, energetic and fun dance still enjoyed by many dancers today. Famous Rock 'n' Roll music artists include Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Bill Haley.

Cha Cha Cha
The cha cha cha or simply cha cha, is a dance of cuban origin. It is a dance with hip actions and quick shuffling of the feet.

The Bachata dance originated from the dominican republic and today it is enjoyed all over the world as a social dance. It is danced to bachata music.

The Salsa dance is a fusion of cha cha, mambo and cuban movements. It is danced to salsa music and today it is enjoyed socially around the world.

Members are only allowed to invite 1 guest to join in. Other requests will be subjected to the Management's approval.

To reserve a slot with us, please contact the Laguna Lifestyle team at lifestyle@lagunanational.com or call 6326 1949.