Flowsique by Marcus

Steel Mace Flow
Steel mace flow is a flow based movement practice that focus on functional training. This practice helps improve an individual’s full body strength, mobility & coordination. The uneven weight distribution of the Mace activates your core in order to keep the Mace under control while performing exercises.

Rope Flow 
The rope is an excellent tool for taking the shoulders through their full range of motion, which includes flexion, extension, internal and external rotation. Performing the classic figure-8 pattern with the rope effectively opens the hips and wrings out any tension in the mid-back - both areas that stiffen up because of modern habits like sitting and using tech. It also helps to activate the glutes and the deep core - two places that tend to go ‘sleepy’ after prolonged sitting. The result is a body that feels more balanced and free to move.

The HydroCore bag uses the power of water dynamics to build stability and strength.  As you lift the HydroCore bag, the weight of the water keeps going in whichever direction you were moving it as the water inside it sloshes around. Your shoulders, hands, hips, and core will have to work to stop it from pulling you out of position and breaking form. 
HydroCore training also teaches you good technique just by using it. The water’s momentum will help you learn the right speed and timing with which to perform your exercises. If the water sloshes a lot, you know something’s off. If it flows with you, you are doing it right.

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