Laguna Tennis

Savitar Pte Ltd was founded with the mission to provide the best tennis coaching clinics and classes, delivering well-structured, customised tennis programs that foster consistent improvement in skills and techniques and provide matchplay opportunities. 

Private Lessons are now open for registration.

For coaching enquiries, please contact David Edgar (Savitar Director of Tennis) at 93373931
Tennis Programmes
  • Group Tennis (From March 1)
  • Junior Tennis (From Feb 27)
  • Ladies Group (From March 1)
  • Master Tennis (From March 1)
  • Tennis Burn (From March 1)

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Tennis Court Rates

Tennis Summer Camp

The summer camp is here! Our tennis camps are an all-inclusive experience, having a dynamic warm-up, followed by daily themed drills (groundstrokes, volleys, ect.) Games are designed to incorporate these themes and instructional points, as to better achieve the learning process through fun play.

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Please bring along water and hat (or sunblock). Rackets can be provided if a child does not have one.